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pineapple chicken fried rice

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I will say it is pretty nice that my daughter has been making a couple of dinners a week for the last few weeks. I love cooking but getting a little break here and there is pretty cool. I mean even if I didn’t write a weekly food blog and ... more

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Stewed pork butternut squash and walnut gremolata

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Now this is a recipe my daughter made a couple of weeks ago; a recipe she got from a cookbook called cook beautiful. Pork shoulder does not spring to mind beautiful. We usually end up shredding it and dousing it in BBQ sauce; which makes for a fantastic sandwich don’t ... more

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Teaching Them How to Fail

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Teaching Them How to Fail If they don’t see you fail, how will they know how to fail later in life? Because they will fail. You can’t keep things perfect or safe or easy forever. One day, no matter how you’ve tried, they will make choices you wouldn’t have and ... more

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Connecting Our Feelings and Behavior

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Connecting Our Feelings and Behavior It’s not even 8 am but already it’s been a rough morning. I have to sit down for a moment to write this, breathing it all in because I think I knew it was coming. A few days ago I found an old note she ... more

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This Week at the Brennans’

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Remember my last family update when I said I wanted to start doing more weekly updates? Hahaha…hahahahahahahaha! 6 weeks later…. Ahem. I guess we’ve established that I’m a busy lady. ANYWAYS. Here is what happened this past month: Our built ins are done. Can we all have a moment of ... more

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Happy Birthday Eddie!

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This sweet boy turned FIVE recently and while I feel like its been FOREVER since he was just born, a part of me thinks it was just yesterday. When he was born, I could tell immediately that he was not like his older siblings. He had a hard time adjusting ... more

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To-Do Lists

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To-Do Lists Today’s to-do list: 🤪Insane. Spanish Book launch and marketing meeting Run errands Return all the jeans that didn’t work. Groceries Parent teacher conference Meeting So many emails Edit photos Add new recipe to shoot tomorrow Schedule social media Come follow me 🤪 Things accomplished: Played football Played dinosaur ... more

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Embrace the Uncertain

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Embrace the Uncertain Embrace the uncertain. It is only in the uncertain that we become certain of Him. Blessings of Journaling One of my best friends happens to work for us and a few months ago she gave me a book of all my personal inklings and thoughts, and I’ve ... more

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10 Best Tips to Help Build Your Child’s Writing Skills

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This is a guest post by Alexandra Eidens, founder of Big Life Journal, an engaging resource to help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence. Writing is an essential form of communication, providing an outlet for expression and a means for proving what’s ... more

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Brussels sprouts three cheese and pasta

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How many of you read the title of a recipe and make a final decision right there to read on or pass. I will admit I tend to steer clear of a few key words myself. My pass words usually are mushroom, tofu and  peach. I get grief all the ... more

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